Hi, I’m Paul, the founder of Diamonds and Dials and I thought I would create a short about page to give you some info about me and the site.

So who am I? My name is Paul Haywood FGA DGA and I’m a fully qualified gemologist through the Gemmological Association of Great Britain as I passed their Gemology Diploma and Diamond Diploma (with distinction and I won an award for my score, which I’m holding in the picture).

Why Did I Start Diamonds and Dials?

To answer this, I need to give a bit of a background on my as I ran my own online jewelry retailer between 2012 and 2019 before going on to start a content business, which I ran between 2019 and 2023 that wasn’t jewelry related but I wanted to basically combine these two things and create my dream business as a I love jewelry, diamonds, gemstones and watches and I love creating content.

So in the summer of 2023, the idea for Diamonds and Dials was born and the goal of the site is:

1. To Create An Awesome Source of Information on Diamonds and Gems

Prior to starting Diamonds and Dials, I did a lot of research and found that much of the information online for people looking to buy Diamonds or Gemstones just simply wasn’t good enough or contained wrong information as most of it isn’t created by gemologists.

And I wanted to change this by bringing my skills as a gemologist, my history of selling jewelry and my ability to create content to build a information and helpful resource for anyone, whether you are looking to buy an engagement ring, a Diamond or a special gift for a loved one.

2. A Place For People To Find Information About Watches For Skinny Wrists

Another one of my passions is watches but I fall into the category of people with very small wrists (I’m tall and skinny!) and much of the information online about watches is for people with larger wrists but I see comments on YouTube videos and forums with gents just like me looking for ideas and information about watches that they can buy that:

  • Look good
  • Cover all budgets (we can’t all afford Rolex’s and AP’s!)
  • Provide an honest review of what they are like to wear

So that is why I decided to start Diamonds and Dials and all I can say is that I am super excited about this new project and if it becomes what I hope it will be, it will not only be an awesome website but hopefully an online community of like minded people.